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Those who (in Charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

(Al-Baqrah 2:274)

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Feed A Family Event Ramadhan 2011
Date: 1 September 2011

M-R Foundation successfully arranged Ramadhan 2011 event Muzafargarh, Pakistan which was one of the most affected town by flood last year. M-R Foundation distributed food items such as flour and rice among almost 600 families. Eid clothes were also distributed among women and children. May Allah s.w.t accept this effort by M-R Foundation in the holy month of Ramadhan.

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Project Aim: Food

One of the most important need of everyday life is food which is a neccessity of every single human being in this world in order to survive.

We all know that Poverty is a global issue and non-availability/shortage of food and malnutrition has become a major problem. According to a United Nation expert, nearly 36 million deaths are caused by hunger every year.

In the past years, food crises hit all over the world and have become a sad issue. These crises have affected both the urban and rural areas. Where this issue has caused instability in all other countries, it has also affected people of UK, Pakistan, India and African countries. We all are well aware of this fact that poverty level in some of the countries is too high and to such an extent that people really can not afford eating even once a day. People are suffering from hunger and many of them die because food is not available to them. This problem has also caused malnutrition in people of these countries and people catch epidemic diseases very quickly because their bodies defence system becomes very weak.

By taking all these facts into consideration, M-R Foundationís founder decided to provide food facilities to the poor and needy people of the UK. M-R Foundation will be providing such facilities in many different ways as mentioned below:

Food to Homeless People in UK
M-R Foundation will find areas in which homelessness is on the rise and homeless people do not have means to feed themselves. Freshly cooked food will be served in addition to assist them finding a place to live with council or housing associations.

Weekly Food Distribution
M-R Foundation will distribute hygienically cooked food packed in plastic containers on weekly basis in the areas where the need is high.

Food Distribution in Hospitals
M-R Foundation will distribute hygienically cooked food packed in plastic containers from time to time in hospitals. This food will be for patients and their relatives/care-takers only.

Arranging Qurbani and Distribution of Meat
M-R Foundation will arrange Qurbani every year. The meat obtained from such Qurbani will be distributed among the needy people and some of the meat will be cooked and distributed in poverty stricken areas.

Discount Cards for Flour, Rice, Sugar, Oil, Milk etc
M-R Foundation will collect information from different sources and build a database of poor and needy people and offer them Discount cards as per their income levels to buy basic food items such as Flour, Rice, Sugar and Oil etc. These food items will be sold at discount of upto 50% from the market.

Free supply of Grocery and other ingredients
Setting up of a monthly budget for food for selected families according to family size. Families to be supported would have to meet the minimum criteria set by the committee in the relevant country. We will provide them with the monthly grocery, meat and other essentials for food in the beginning of every month.

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