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Those who (in Charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

(Al-Baqrah 2:274)

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Feed A Family Event Ramadhan 2011
Date: 1 September 2011

M-R Foundation successfully arranged Ramadhan 2011 event Muzafargarh, Pakistan which was one of the most affected town by flood last year. M-R Foundation distributed food items such as flour and rice among almost 600 families. Eid clothes were also distributed among women and children. May Allah s.w.t accept this effort by M-R Foundation in the holy month of Ramadhan.

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All the members of M-R Foundation are entitled to claim discounts offered by its sponsor companies providing services of different aspects of life. These services include Legal, Education, Information Technology, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Autoparts, Accountanct services etc. All such companies who are offering discounts are listed below:

Company NameM-R Solicitors LLP
Company TypeLaw Firm
ServicesImmigration, Family, Civil, Divorce, Litigation, Wills & Probate, Conveynacing
Discount to Lifetime Members15%
Discount to Annual Members10%
Contact Details490 Larkshall Road
Highams Park
E4 9HH
Tel: +44 208 518 1956
Fax: +44 208 518 4896
Email: info@m-rsolicitors.co.uk

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Company NamePentad Media
Company TypeWeb Design Company
ServicesWebsite Design & Development, Graphic Design, SEO Services, Hosting Packages, Printing Services
Discount to Lifetime Members10%
Discount to Annual Members5%
Contact DetailsCEME Launchpad Centre
Marsh Way
Rainham RM13 8EU
Tel: 0800 975 5292
Email: info@pentadmedia.com

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Company NameAronex Developments
Company TypeProperty Developers
ServicesProperty Development
Property Sales
Land Acquisition
Property Investment
Discount to Lifetime Members5%
Discount to Annual Members2.5%
Contact Details1/1A James Yard
Larkshall Road
London E4 9UA
Tel: 0207 1188 664
Email: info@aronexdevelopments.com

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Company NameMughni Properties
Company TypeProperty Agent
ServicesProperty Sales
Property Lettings
Property Management
Discount to Lifetime Members10%
Discount to Annual Members5%
Contact DetailsGrand Square
50 Livingstone Road
B20 3LL
Tel: 0121 690 6655
Email: admin@mughni.co.uk

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Company NameWaltham International College
Company TypeEducational Institute
ServicesShort Courses
English Courses
Discount to Lifetime Members10%
Discount to Annual Members5%
Contact DetailsCrown house
Cambridge Road off Linton Road
Barking IG11 8HG
Tel: 020 7018 0430
Email: info@walthamcollege.com
Web: www.walthamcollege.com

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