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Those who (in Charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

(Al-Baqrah 2:274)

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Feed A Family Event Ramadhan 2011
Date: 1 September 2011

M-R Foundation successfully arranged Ramadhan 2011 event Muzafargarh, Pakistan which was one of the most affected town by flood last year. M-R Foundation distributed food items such as flour and rice among almost 600 families. Eid clothes were also distributed among women and children. May Allah s.w.t accept this effort by M-R Foundation in the holy month of Ramadhan.

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S No.Membership No.Member Name
1MRF-08-00001Mr. Waheed Ur Rehman Mian
2MRF-08-00002Mr. Gul Zaman Ahmad
3MRF-08-00003Mr. Nadeem Aslam
4MRF-08-00005Mr. Yasir Liaqat
5MRF-08-00006Mr. Khurram Mahmood
6MRF-08-00007Mr. Nazir Ahmad Siddiqi
7MRF-08-00008Mr. Nadeem Sheikh
8MRF-08-00009Mr. Muhammad Asghar Ali
9MRF-08-00010Mr. Behjat Bilal Sheikh
10MRF-08-00011Mr. Johdat Bilal Sheikh
11MRF-08-00012Mr. Qaisar Hafeez
12MRF-08-00016Mr. Gul Raiz Ahmad
13MRF-08-00023Mr. Hammad Ghous Malik
14MRF-08-00101Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed
15MRF-08-00102Mr. Ghulam Murtaza
16MRF-08-00786Mr. Naeem Aslam
17MRF-09-00013Ms. Jusna Begum Miah
18MRF-09-00015Mr. Asher Qureshi
19MRF-09-00018Mr. Asim Aslam
20MRF-09-00020Mr. Faisal Sadiqeen
21MRF-09-00025Mr. Muhammad Faisal Saeed
22MRF-09-00026Ms. Shabeena Yasmeen
23MRF-09-00027Mr. Nadeem Sharif
24MRF-09-00033Mr. Rizwan Jilani
25MRF-09-00034Mr. Maqbool Hussain
26MRF-09-00040Mr. Masood Ahmed Kiyani
27MRF-09-00052Mr. Ahmed Zia
28MRF-09-00054Ms. Zakia Jabeen
29MRF-09-00055Mr. Imran Hussain
30MRF-09-00056Mr. Ghaffar Warraich
31MRF-09-00057Mr. Akhtar Islam
32MRF-09-00058Mr. Zahid Dar
33MRF-09-00062Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan
34MRF-09-00066Mr. Kamran Afzal
35MRF-09-00093M-R Travel And Tours Pvt Ltd Pakistan
36MRF-09-00111Ms. Zarina Akhtar

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S No.Membership No.Member Name
1MRF-08-00004Mr. Umer Farooq
2MRF-08-00017Mr. Atif Haque
3MRF-08-00019Mr. Haider Ghaus
4MRF-08-00021Mr. Ateeq Khalid
5MRF-08-00032Mrs. Asma Nazir Siddiqi
6MRF-08-00047Ms. Anum Naveed
7MRF-08-00051Mr. Tariq Humayun
8MRF-08-00092M-R Software Technologies
9MRF-08-00100Mr. Kareem Ud Din
10MRF-09-00053Mr. Mohammad Arshad
11MRF-09-00059Ms. Saira Awan
12MRF-09-00061Mr. Salman Ahmad
13MRF-09-00067Mr. Mohammad Yusuf
14MRF-09-00068Mr. Ejaz Choudhury
15MRF-09-00069Mr. Amjad Ali Sheikh
16MRF-09-00070Mrs. Sohail Saqib

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